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CXSR-500Semi automatic winding film rewinder
CXSR-500Semi automatic winding film rewinder


This machine is a multi-functional equipment such as rewinding, meter counting and automatic cutting. The main purpose is to divide the large diameter film into several small coils. Through rewinding, the staggered layer of products can be corrected, and the flatness and appearance quality of coiled materials can be improved. It is suitable for winding film, stretching film, preservative film, aluminizing film, paper, etc. The maximum cutting diameter of the product is 700mm. Widely used in packaging, paper, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cooked food, raw food, meat, vegetables and fruits, seafood, etc

technical parameter

Model CXSR-500
PLC full computer control
Width 450mm
Power 3KW
Speed 200-600m/min
Winding mode fully automatic
Maximum diameter of master coil φ400mm
Maximum width of master coil
Maximum diameter of sub roll
Specification of sub coil core
37.5mm 41.5mm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1400*1100*1700mm
Weight 1000kg

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