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Single layer bubble film machine
Single layer bubble film machine


Bubble film is a kind of product with high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, adding whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, after about 230 degrees high temperature extrusion Blister products. It is a new type of plastic packaging material with light texture, good transparency, non-toxic and tasteless. It can prevent moisture, buffer and keep warm. Bag making machine is a kind of machine that makes all kinds of plastic bags or bags of other materials. Its processing range is bags of various sizes, thicknesses and specifications of plastic or other materials. Generally speaking, plastic bags are the main products. It is known that the bubble film bag making machine is the machine for producing bubble film bag. 1. The production efficiency is high. 2. It is easy to use, with flexible and stable speed regulation. 3. It can be used to seal bags with the same mouth, wrong mouth and broken watch bag. ​


1. Using one-time molding process, fully absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, reasonable internal cooling of circulating water can save resources and reduce production cost. 2. The reducer is made of Jiangsu hard tooth surface reducer, which is manufactured by Zhoushan famous brand manufacturer. The quick change net and special design T-shaped mold, two forming rollers, manual clutch quick switch, Denmark hailipu frequency conversion adjustment, the other main configuration (such as stainless steel heating pipe, bearing, etc.) are brand-name products. 3. High yield. The thickness and width of bubble film can be adjusted within the allowable range. 4. Double winding system provides reliable guarantee for continuous production. 5. The structure is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the performance is stable and reliable, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

technical parameter

Model CX-2000 CX-1500 CX-1200
Screw Diameter Φ90mm Φ75mm Φ65mm
L:D 28:1 28:1 28:1
Power 30KW 18.5KW 15KW
Width 2000mm 1500mm 1200mm
Bubble size
Φ6×3.2mm Φ10×3.6mm Φ25×10mm Φ30×10mm
Production 80-100kg/h 60-80kg/h 30-60kg/h
Total installed capacity
80Kw 65Kw 55Kw
Dimensions 7.5m×3.3m×2.5m 7.5m×2.8m×2.5m 7.5m×2.5m×2.5m
Weight 6T 5.0T 3.8T

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