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Automatic compound bubble film machine
Automatic compound bubble film machine


Polyethylene composite bubble film unit adopts one-time molding process, which is widely absorbed by domestic and foreign advanced technology. Through a lot of production practice, research and design on the original ordinary equipment, the polyethylene composite bubble film (cushion) can be continuously produced. The machine structure design is scientific, practical and reasonable.

technical parameter

Model 1500 1200 600
Screw φ75mm φ65mm φ65mm φ55mm φ55mm φ45mm
L:D 28:1 28:1 28:1
Power 18.5KW 15KW 15KW 11KW 11KW 7.5KW
Width 1500 mm 1200 mm 600 mm
Bubble Size
φ6×3.2mm φ10×3.4mm φ25×10mm φ30×10mm
Production 60-100kg/h 50-90 kg/h 20-60 kg/h
Installed capacity
98kw 85kw 64kw
10m×8.0m×2.5m 10m×7.5m×2.5m 10m×6.5m×2.5m
Weight 6.8T 5.5T 4.2T
Optional configuration of automatic feeding, electric quick change filter screen, automatic turnover winding

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